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Banco de Chile Portal Personas

Custody and settlement services of financial assets

For local and foreign investors:

Global custodians, investment banks, broker dealers , AGF, 
insurance companies, supranational entities

Lead sub-custodian
Bank in Chile

Citibank de custodia

Banco de Chile is part of the Citibank network for the custody and settlement of financial assets

Desde 1989 ofreciendo servicios

Long history and expertise, offering services to local and foreign investors

Ganadores desde el año 2008

Winners of Best Global Sub-custodian Bank from 2008 to the present according to Global Finance

Direct Custody and Clearing


Direct custody and clearing of securities on behalf of non-resident investors under the simplified tax regime (Resolution 150)

This service is provided by Banco de Chile's Securities and Trustee team in collaboration with Citibank.

  • Issuance of local Tax ID (Resolución 150)
  • Opening of cash and securities accounts
  • Establishment of SWIFT communications (in and out of accounts)
  • Equity (stocks)
  • Bonds (Fixed Income)
  • Managed Funds
  • Management of withholding and capital gains tax obligations Handling of bookkeeping requirements from tax authority

Direct custody and clearing of securities on behalf of resident investors.

  • Custody and clearing of financial assets
  • Collateral Agency
  • Represent Beneficiaries

CLP Current Account

CLP current account services for entities without residence in Chile who can be legal and natural persons.

  • Account that allows non-resident clients to manage a balance in CLP and transfer funds to custody (DCC) accounts for securities related activity
  • Allows customers to settle pure cash transactions in the market
  • Establishes communication 100% via swift


A service where the bank acts as an intermediary between parties in the role of ensuring compliance of said parties within the framework of the Escrow Agreement.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate Restructuring

Agency Services

Collateral and Deposit Agency, Agency Banking


Services administered for syndicated loans

  • Coordinate communication between parties
  • Coordination of Waiver requests
  • Reception and distribution of Appraisals 
of the Goods delivered as collateral (Maturity controls)
  • Calculation of Extension rates
  • Distribution or retention of Dividends from Pledged Shares

Services encompassing the establishment, acceptance, custody and management of collateral

  • Management of restricted accounts and custody and clearing of securities instruments
  • Monitoring and control of deposits and withdrawals
  • Establishment and acceptance of collateral

Collateral custody

Custody service for creditors who are beneficiares of collateral (shares, bonds, mutual funds shares, among others)

  • Warranty bill
  • Warranty policy

Bond Holder/Issuer Services

Services delivered to issuers where the bank looks after the interests of the Bondholders of an “Issue” in accordance with the obligations and responsibilities assumed by the Issuer in the respective Contracts.

  • Covenant Review
  • Paying Bank for amortization of coupons and interest
  • Summoning, organization and hosting of Bondholders Meeting