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International Clients
Products and Service

Personal Banking

Business Banking

Small Business Banking


Term Deposit:

At Banco de Chile there are 3 alternatives of term deposit: Fixed-Term Deposits, Automatic Renewal Deposits and Tax Benefit Deposits.

Banchile Products:

  • Stocks
  • Portfolio Management
  • Voluntary Retirement Savings / Mutual Funds
  • Abroad Investments
  • Foreign Currency
  • Fixed Income

International Services

Global Banking

Global Banking is a new and exclusive world service created for the comfort of Citigold clients when travelling, in order to offer them confidence and the best treatment they deserve on the main cities of the world.


International coverage: In more than 31 countries with more than 500 branches, especially in Latin America (7 countries with more than 180 branches).

  • Latin America
  • Europe and Middle East
  • Asia and Oceania
  • Personalized attention by an executive

Exclusive Banking Services:

  • Emergency cash retirement available in your account free or charge for up to US$ 2.000.
  • Preferential exchange rate for foreign currencies (1) in Latin America and Asia.
  • Global Banking Access from any country with a single telephone number and free of charge. Please dial the exit code for international calls from the country you are at, followed by 800-CITI-CODE (800-2484-2633) and after hearing three beeps dial 56 for communicating with Citigold Chile.

Exit codes of the participating countries

Business Services:(2)

  • Private rooms or lounges access.
  • Computer, Internet, local phone calls and fax services. Let us please you in any Citibank branch, these services are accompanied by courtesy drinks and snacks.

(1) Restrictions apply

(2) Depending on availability.

Consumer and Mortgage Credit


1-Personal Credit: Convenient interest rates, monthly and fixed in pesos.

  • Up to 90 days to start paying.
  • Up to 60 months deadline.
  • Monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or half-yearly instalments.
  • No payment option for up to 2 instalments during the year (non-consecutive).
  • Credit transfer to your Banco de Chile Checking Account.
  • Automatic charge of the instalments in your Banco de Chile´s Checking Account or credit card.
  • Fixed interest rate during the whole period.

2-Your Car Credit


At Banco de Chile we have mortgage credits that adapt to your needs: Mortgage Credit with Drafts / Negotiable Mutual Mortgage / Plus Mutual Mortgage / Variable rate Mutual Mortgage. You will also find the building credit.


  • Terms between 5 and 30 years.
  • Financing up to 75%-100% of your propertie´s commercial value.
  • Fixed or variable rates.
  • With grace periods.

Credit Card

With the Travel Club Card from Banco de Chile, you accumulate "gift-dollars" for every purchase you make, which can be collected at the Travel Club Travel Agency or at the Duty Free © Store of Travel Club.

This card can be:

  • National Visa or MasteCard
  • International Visa or MasterCard
  • Golden Visa or MasterCard
  • Platinum Visa or MasterCard

Black MasterCard

The new Black MasterCard is the world´s most prestigious card, with exclusive privileges and benefits both in Chile and abroad.

Visa Signature™

Your new Visa Signature Card will allow you to access to a wide range of benefits without any charges, both in Chile and abroad.

AAdvantage ©

With your Banco de Chile / AAdvantage © card you accumulate one mile per each dollar (or its equivalent in pesos) spent in purchases, which can be used for travelling in American Airlines or any of the associated airlines of the oneworld alliance. This card can be:

  • Gold Visa / AAdvantage ©
  • Gold MasterCard / AAdvantage©
  • Platinum MasterCard / AAdvantage ©

International Diners Club

This is a national and international coverage card that also offers you VIP rooms at airports around the world and an exclusive Benefit Program Premium Catalog Club.

Safe Payment

This allows you to make safe national and international purchases through the Internet, avoiding that other persons could carry out electronic fraud.

Checking Account

With the Checking Account of Banco de Chile, you obtain all the services for satisfying your needs and the support of the most prestigious financial institution from Chile.


For your convenience, we offer checks with two types of balance control sheet: inserted every 5 checks or continued at the beginning of the checkbook.

At Banco de Chile, you will also find checks with background images and customized left-handed checks.

Credit line

It is a financial backup that allows you to face unexpected expenses with tranquility and in the fastest and most convenient way.

It automatically covers incidental overdrafts in your Checking Account, and you only pay interests for the amount and days when used.


Chilecard identifies you as a client of Banco de Chile, it allows you to deal on the Redbanc ATM network in Chile and Plus all over the world and access to the TodaHora Customer Support.

You can also make purchases in stores that show the Redcompra brand, with direct charge to your Checking Account.

Automatic Bill Payment (PAC, in Spanish)

With this payment method you can pay your water, electricity, gas and other utility bills, automatically charged to your Checking Account. Thus, you will always be up to date with these obligations. Banco de Chile is the bank with the greatest amount of companies affiliated.

Electronic Bill Payment (PEC, in Spanish)

This method offers the possibility of paying your utility bills in the fastest and easiest way through the Internet, charging your Checking Account on the day you want.

Electronic payments on other websites

To make your management easier, Banco de Chile allows you to make electronic payments on other websites charged against your Checking Account. This way, you benefit yourself of a payment service with time coverage the 7 days of the week and 24 hours a day, besides of the safety this service implies.

Digipass or Second Electronic Code

It is a high-security electronic key, exclusive for Checking Account clients of Banco de Chile, that gives a second code through a small device for authorizing fund transactions to third parties. Nowadays you can not make transactions to other banks without your digipass.

If you still have not requested it, do it on any Banco de Chile branch until 14 PM weekdays. For more information call 600 637 3000.

Banca Joven

When joining this category you will be able to access to several exclusive benefits, as discounts at different stores: amusement, clothing, restaurants, pubs, discotheques and sports, amongst others.

Online Payment Services

It is the Banconexión Web service, that allows you to have access to all the services of Banco de Chile, from any place and at any time. This way, you can optimize the cash flow management of your company, increase productivity and efficiency and count with consultancy and attention at the Help Desk for Companies.

Suppliers payment

Within the benefits included with this solution are, amongst others, avoiding the risks of maintaining at your buildings documents or cash for making the payments, lower administrative and control costs, information exchange between the bank and the company and the outsourcing of the publication of the invoice information.

Also, suppliers can access to the payments information of whom they are beneficiaries at

Remunerations payment

By making the payment of your employee´s salaries in a fast and safe way you will increase your productivity. This service gives you the chance of paying remunerations through: payment in your check or savings account of Banco de Chile or other banks, payment in Sight Account of Banco de Chile and cash payment with settlement.

Retirement Contribution Payments

This service allows fulfilling the retirement contributions payment of your employees, as obligatory and voluntary contributions, APV and unemployment insurance, in the determined dates and conditions.

Electronic Payments on other websites

Banco de Chile allows you to make electronic payments on other websites charged against your Checking Account. This can be done at any time, 365 days a year.

Automatic Bills Payment

The Automatic Bills Payment (PAC, in Spanish) delegates to the bank the payment of your bills with charge against your Checking Account, accessing to payment in more than 130 services or utility companies.

Fund Transfer

It carries out in an expeditious way the payments to your suppliers and fund transfers to related companies.

Financial Management

This service allows you to access to products and services for making all your company´s operations and banking queries, at any moment. This way, you will be able to enquire about regular or with interests Checking Accounts, credit lines and credit cards.

Checking Account

This service allows you to easily manage your liquidity and cash handling, with the support of the most prestigious chilean bank. By having your Checking Account at Banco de Chile you can choose the Chilecard Empresas Card, which lets you access to services, enquire balances, make transfers on ATM´s in Chile and abroad and make purchases of goods and services (through Redcompra).

Credit Line

It lets you apply for a Credit Line for Overdraft (with validity terms of up to 36 months and an attractive interest rate determined by a base rate of daily variation and a fixed spread), Preferential (term of up to 36 months and a low interest rate formed by a base rate that stays fixed for a month and a spread without variation) and for Overdraft with Fogape Coverage (product designed for covering expenditures charged against the Checking Account for expenses linked to work capital of the company).

Credit Cards

Banco de Chile offers its clients Visa and MasterCard commercial credit cards, allowing them to choose the one that fits the best to the needs of your company and your executives. These cards allow a more efficient purchase process in your company and a greater control of the management of travel and representation expenses. Also, you can count with the Travel Club Empresas Credit Cards, that allow you to accumulate gift-dollars for the expenses of all the cards owned by your company.

Other Services

Payment Management

It is a service that offers the possibility of outsourcing your payment processes, executing on behalf of your company the payments for suppliers, salaries, annuities, dividends, pensions and others.

Collectings and Revenues

With this service your company delegates to Banco de Chile the full collection of payments of your clients, which gives your collecting process more efficiency and let you concentrate on the own activities of your business.


We offer financing solutions so your company for allowing your company to be able of facing your needs of investment on a short, middle and long term, as well as foreign trade.


Banchile Inversiones has managed the assets of companies and persons throughout Chile for more than two decades. It lets you access to Banchile Administradora General de Fondos S.A. (Asset Management) and Banchile Corredores de Bolsa S.A. (Stock Broker). Both firms are characterized by offering several and innovative products, giving a full and customized service and for counting with a wide national network.


At Banco de Chile we offer your company: Insurances, Total Companies Insurances and Trust Commissions, as well as financial consultancy regarding to Mergers and Acquisitions, Liabilities Financing and Restructuring, Capital Contribution, Bonds and Stocks Emissions and International Business.

Foreign Trade

We have efficient services for taking your business out of our frontiers. In the case of imports, these are Letters of Credit, Cash Payment or Sale, Comexpress Credit Line, Endorsements in foreign currency and Collectings, while that in the case of Exports they are related to Exporter Loans, Document Purchases, Letters of Credit Back to Back and Payment Guarantee to Producers.


Nowadays we have special financing services for small and middle companies, for short, middle and long term:

Short Term

  • Credits: Commercial (depending on the needs of your company, you can apply for terms from 1 to 365 days) and Consumer (credits in pesos of free availability).
  • Factoring: This financing alternative allows you to receive the money of your documents in advance (invoices, bills of exchange, promissory notes, contracts or other assets) with a discount percentage. This way, you can receive the money of your accounts receivable before the agreed term.
  • Credit Cards: Business (for financing quickly your immediate needs in Chile and abroad) and Golden (for company needs like shopping, restaurants and trips).

Middle and long term

  • Proof of Purchase: It lets having a cash inflow, in pesos, Unidades de Fomento or foreign currency. They can be payable on sight or with a previous notification of 30 days, and have terms of up to 3 years in local currency and 2 years in foreign currency.
  • Credits: In instalments (alternatives for your long term financing in instalments), Corfo (Corfo financing for small and middle companies), Fogape (for financing your work capital needs and investment projects) and Mortgage (for housing and general objectives).
  • Leasing: this modern system of asset financing consists of a renting contract, on a previously agreed term, in which the tenant pays monthly instalments that totally pay off the total value of the goods. When finishing the contract, the tenant can purchase the good by paying the purchase option instalment.
  • Financing of Importers: In this service we offer alternatives like Letter of Credit, Abroad Cash Payment, Purchase of Import Documents (Forfaiting), Comexpress Credit Line, Letter of Local Credit and Financing of Import Collectings.
  • Financing for Exporters: In this case, the actual alternatives offered by Banco de Chile are Traditional Pae, Pae in pesos or UF, Pae with Corfo risk coverage, Purchase and/or discount of export documents and Advanced Payment of Letters of Credit.

Small and Middle Company Client

To our small and middle company clients we offer the following services:

  • Checking Account: it facilitates the operation and development of your company by having total connectivity with the services TodaHora (Every Hour), Internet and Fonobank Empresas (Business Phonebank) on an easy and safe way.
  • Credit Line: Specially designed for sporadic cash deficits that occur in times of tax payments, retirement and salary contributions, amongst others.
  • Express Payment: It allows you to make salaries and retirement obligations payments on the Internet, without having to issue checks or transporting cash, which is easier and safer.
  • Banconexión (Bank Connection): Electronic banking service that allows you to have access to all the information of your products and services offered by Banco de Chile. For example, you can see the image of your cashed checks and access to the account balances of your business credit cards.

Other Services of small business Banking

  • Investments: We advise you on your investment goals, reducing the risk and maximizing profitability according on your needs.
  • Insurances: We have the Total Business Insurance (that protects your company from misusing of payment methods like credit and debit cards and checks linked to the same RUT number) and the Theft and Content Insurance (it covers the contents of the business because of fire or theft, even money robbery).
  • Agreements: When you associate your company to Salary Payment, your workers automatically will be able to access to banking products in special agreements, like special prices for the contract of Checking Account, Credit Line and Credit Card.