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Banco de Chile Portal Personas

International Clients
About Us

About Us

Corporate Statement

Be the best bank for our clients, the best place to work, the best investment for our shareholders.

Our mission

We are a leader corporation with a prestigious business tradition. Our porpoise is to provide financial services of excellence with creative and effective solutions for each client segment in order to ensuring permanent value growth for our shareholders.

Our values

The hallmark of our way of doing things is the excellence and value creation for both shareholders and customers of the Corporation. For this, the Bank continuously incorporates best practices and best industry standards, promoting, developing and recognizing the high performance in their employees and work teams . People's at Banco de Chile stands out  by their pride in belonging to the institution and compliance with the following values, attitudes and behaviors:

  • Compromise
  • Service attitude
  • Flexibility
  • Team work


Banco de Chile is closely linked to the history of our country and since its creation in October 1893, has been a key player for progress and economic and social development of Chile. Born from the fusion of Bank of Valparaiso (1855), the National Bank of Chile (1865) and the Agricultural Bank (1868), began operations on January 2, 1894 with two main offices located in Santiago and Valparaiso, a network of 22 offices and foreign agencies in Europe, USA and South America attending international business.

In 1922, when the Bank was fully consolidated in Chile and was the principal and most important commercial bank, the Board boost the construction of its headquarters, located in the Ahumada street #251, in the heart of Santiago, was inaugurated in April 1926, becoming the most imposing building in the capital ,today declared historic preservation property. Its architect was the Viennese nationalized Chilean Alberto Siegel Lubbe who designed it, following a neo-classical style, emphasizing its circular dome, marble stairs and large spaces for the public's attention. The land had belonged to the Archbishopric of Santiago.

Since its founding, Banco de Chile has led the Chilean financial market as one of the largest and most successful banks in terms of return on assets and profitability for its shareholders, showing one of the largest market capitalizations among Chilean companies.

The action of the Banco de Chile is listed on stock exchanges in local trade and also in major world stock markets, The Stock Exchange of New York (NYSE). The Bank has a program of ADS(American Depositary Shares) Level III, subject to the highest standards of oversight and public information provided by the SEC(Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC) of the United States of America. During 2002, the Bank listed its shares on the Madrid Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange, with the approval of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and the United Kingdom Listing Authority (UKLA), respectively.

With a strong capital base and a tradition of high prestige and solvency, Banco de Chile serves as a commercial bank that provides a full range of financial products and services to a broad customer base that includes large corporations, small and medium enterprises and the natural person market through a nationwide network of nearly 400 offices, over 2,000 ATMs and other electronic distribution channels. Through its partnership with Citi, offers to its customers a wide coverage in foreign countries, access to a full range of products, both in the instruments of credit and investment, global services transactions and international financial operations.

The operations are organized around six main segments: operations of large corporations, small and medium enterprises, market people, consumer market, international banking and securities market operations. Additionally, the subsidiaries complete the range of financial services with operations of securitization, securities brokerage, investment and mutual funds, insurance, financial advice and factoring, among others.

Banco de Chile stands out as the largest bank in Chile's capital land, second largest financial institution in the country and has representative offices in Beijing and Sao Paulo, providing international services and products appropriate to the needs of their customers.

The Bank's headquarters is in Santiago de Chile and is supervised locally by the Super intendancy of Banks and Financial Institutions of Chile.

Banco de Chile History Book

Dear friends:

With great pleasure I share with you the history of Banco de Chile, a journey of more than 100 years, which began in 1893 with the fusion of Banco de Valparaiso, Chile National Bank and Agricultural Bank. Since then the Bank of Chile has been part of the history of our country, helping to build the foundations of a responsible Chile with deep enterprising spirit that has known look opportunely to the world, building the foundations for a solid economic model, reliable and stable.

Walk through the story of Banco de Chile is also walk through the history of our country. Thus, in these pages the historian Patricia Arancibia Clavel tells us several important historical events that marked Chile and the world, and the great challenges that our bank and the banking industry in general had to face and overcome in more than a century of history.

This book is an invitation to relive the past, valuing the facts in the history, to understand in depth what really the Banco de Chile is about, its tradition of prestige and special way of doing things. Our present, what we are today and the leader position we have in the national financial system is largely the result of what people did before us. Men like Jose Besa, Augusto Villanueva, Pedro Torres, Manuel Vinagre, Adolfo Rojas and many other men and women who gave with dedication part of their lives to build what is now the Bank of Chile. This book is a tribute to them.

Having the name of our country in our brand is not only an honor but also a great responsibility. Those who About a century ago gave life to the Banco de Chile, identifying their desires with those of the nation, they are not wrong. Its shareholders, customers, officers and employees, can say with pride that they are heritors of an institution that, as witness these pages, has played a role of such a big importance in the country's development and progress of its inhabitants. Its biography is, in fact, closely related to the history of our country, being company in times of crisis and prosperity , apparently immutable, but without being immutable at all.

It is its style, its way of doing things, its way of life and tradition, which distinguishes it. And this stamp is the best guarantee of the future that awaits at the forefront, always evolving but fortunately without being what it´s always have been El Banco de Chile, the heritage of all Chileans.

Pablo Granifo Lavín
President of Banco de Chile


Business areas

Under a universal scheme bank, Banco de Chile provides a broad range of financial services to all segments of the Chilean financial market, directly and indirectly through its subsidiaries. In particular, the Bank has consolidated its business model around four business segments through which delivers a complete products offer to individual people and companies.


Subsidiaries companies that offer complementary financial services in addition to the activities of the Bank. include Banchile Brokers, Banchile General Funds Management, Banchile Citi Global Markets, Banchile Insurance Brokers SA, Banchile Factoring SA, Securitizadora SA


In the 7th version of the annual survey of the British magazine Euromoney for Private Banking, Bank of Chile won first place in our country in the categories Foreign Exchange Lending / FinancingSolutions, Real Estate Investment Corporate Executives and Specialized Services.

Banco de Chile transactional Banking was awarded with the Chairman's Club Award that Citibank worldwide delivery, innovation in its business with IPS. The national entity, through the Citi platform Worldlink sends payments to Sweden and Argentina to be cashed by the pensioners in cash in local currency.

The Banco de Chile was selected for the second year in a row as the best bank in the custody of our country, in the study "World's Best Sub-Custodian Banks" of the U.S. magazine "Global Finance" with the collaboration of experts.

Banco de Chile was elected as the best bank in our country, according to results of the annual survey of the British magazine The Banker, Top 1000 World Banks. The entity was recognized as the No. 1 bank of Chile, the No. 8 from Latin America and No. 252 of the world, improving 33 places globally compared to 2009.

The Banco de Chile was named the most solid private bank in Latin America, according to the ranking published by the prestigious U.S. magazine Global Finance, World's Safest Bank 2010.

The Banco de Chile was featured as one of the 10 most admired companies in Chile, a distinction that provides the Financial news paper and PricewaterhouseCoopers from a survey made to opinion leaders from leaders companies.

It´s important enough to mention that integrity, respect, commitment and professionalism of the staff of Banchile Investments have been fundamental in gaining recognition as one of the best companies to work in Chile in 2010 by getting the No.11 as Great Place according to Work Institute Chile.

General Funds Banchile won again the most awards in the annual surveys that delivered by Diario Financiero with the Association of Mutual Funds, This time, the subsidiary obtained 7 distinctions. One of the awards was Mutual Funds with the best relation between risk and profit of the domestic market.

Banchile was one of the most honored Administrators by the company FundPro . This awards considers the founds profitability, risk and adherence to investment objective, among others. This year, the subsidiary received 5 awards, and one of them was the best Manager of the Year in Segment Mutual Funds Short-Term Debt.

International Presence

Representative Office


  • Address: 606 West Tower, Twin Tower, B-12 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District Beijing.
  • Country: China.
  • Phone: (86-10) 58794301.
  • Fax: (86-10) 51096040.

Financial Statements

In the site Our Bank you can find all our Financial Statements, separated by dates.