Corporate Values

Pursuant to our Code of Conduct, the following are the fundamental ethical values for Banco de Chile: integrity, commitment, respect, loyalty, prudence, responsibility and justice. Such values shall be promoted and protected by the different levels of the Corporation.

Each of the members of the Institution shall act pursuant to such values in a fair, coherent and permanent manner. Authorities shall be exercised in a responsible manner and people shall act correctly at any time.

Purpose, Mission and View of Banco de Chile

The Board of Directors has defined as Purpose, Mission and View of Banco de Chile the following:

Our Purpose:

“We constitute a corporation that contributes to the development of the country, and our purpose is to generate conditions for the development of people and companies, accompanying them with adequate solutions to their different stages in the process of development.”

Our Mission:

“We are a leading corporation connected to the world, with a prestigious business tradition. We provide to each segment of customers first-class financial services, with creative, agile and effective solutions for each segment, assuring the creation of value for our shareholders, employees and the community in general.”

Our View

“We permanently seek, in everything we do, to be the best bank for our customers, the best place to work and the best investment for our shareholders. We do it being committed to the people that are members of our organization and with the development of the community.”

Banco de Chile
  • Razón social: Banco de Chile
  • Rut: 97.004.000-5
  • Gerente General y representante: Eduardo Ebensperger Orrego
  • Casa matriz: Ahumada 251, Santiago de Chile
  • Mesa Central +562 26531111
General Principles of Corporate Governance